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Pack ideal traveler for routes and trips. A complete set with everything you may need on your trip.

Rosehip bath gel 50ml
The rosehip bath gel is dermoprotective, moisturizing and regenerating due to its rosehip oil content. It provides softness to our skin, giving it elasticity.

Body milk Almond oil 50ml
Mi Rebotica almond oil body lotion contains sweet almond oil as its main ingredient, which softens, hydrates and protects sensitive and delicate skin.

Shampoo with onion extract 50ml
Shampoo formulated with onion extract and without onion smell. Onion extract is a hair growth stimulant, it also helps strengthen hair and thanks to its antioxidant capacity, it protects hair from oxidative processes.

Water-based paste 50ml
Mi Rebotica water-based paste, due to its high content of zinc oxide and corn starch, is ideal as a skin protective cream against external factors, such as friction or humidity, as it forms a light film on the skin. In addition, it has moisturizing, emollient, repairing and soothing properties, thanks to aloe vera and calendula oil.

Arnica and harpagofito gel 50ml
The massage gel with Arnica and Harpagofito Mi Rebotica synergistically combines the actions of its four active ingredients (arnica, harpagofito, methylsalicylate and menthol), thus enhancing its effect. Accompanied by an appropriate massage, it provides a feeling of relief and well-being.

Tired legs gel 50ml
The tired legs gel combines a multitude of active ingredients (red vine extract, ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, ruscus, ivy, menthol and camphor) specially selected to help refresh, relieve and relax tired legs.

Foot cream 50ml
Repairing cream for daily use that deeply hydrates dry and cracked feet. With avocado oil and urea; softening and moisturizing agents that help maintain the water-lipid balance necessary to achieve the elasticity and softness of the skin on the feet.

Sanitizing gel 50ml
Indicated for sanitizing hands without the need to rinse with water after application. Enriched with Glycerin, it cares for the skin thanks to the moisturizing agents included in the product formulation.


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Nuestro compromiso

  • Cosmética de origen farmacéutico.

  • Fórmulas que combinan ingredientes tradicionales de origen natural con principios activos de última generación.

  • Fórmulas basadas en la efectividad y en la alta concentración de principios activos.

  • Adaptadas a todo tipo de necesidades.

  • Una rutina para cada tipo de piel o cabello.

  • Cada ingrediente cuenta y tiene su porqué.

  • Nuestro objetivo es que experimentes resultados reales y visibles.

  • Cosmética efectiva al alcance de todos.

  • Hecho en España.