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What if we made "real" cosmetics?

That was the question that triggered the birth of Mi Rebotica.

What is Mi Rebotica ?

What is Mi Rebotica ?

Mi Rebotica was born from the union of the small cosmetic industry and the pharmacy with the desire to offer solutions to real problems. It was born as a response to a long time of working together in a small pharmacy in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) by our formulator Estíbaliz Lancha, with the desire to convert office cosmetics into cosmetics on a larger scale, thus making it possible to reach an increasingly larger public with diverse needs.

If there is one thing that has always distinguished the cosmetics prepared in the pharmacy, apart from the quality of the formulations, it is also the high concentration of their active ingredients, which allows us to boast of the effectiveness and efficacy of our products.

At Mi Rebotica, we are driven by a taste for quality and work done with great care, in an almost artisan way, as was done in the old pharmacies, highlighting the effort and commitment of all the people involved who are behind each of the processes until they reach you. If there is one thing that identifies us, it is our deep respect and admiration for Mother Nature, which has made us opt for natural active ingredients that take us back to the origins of officinal preparations.

We make it our mission to take care of you! Thus, our best guarantee is the thousands of skins that today take care of themselves in Spain with our products.

At Mi Rebotica we believe...

That there is nothing in this world more harmonious than a well cared skin. A pretty face is a gift from God, but a beautiful skin is the result of a good magistral formula.
That skin care is essential to maintain a healthy body, and our mission is to take care of the skin of the whole family.
In apothecary cosmetics, formulated as it was done by the old apothecaries, that work through the combination of effective active ingredients at the right doses.
That Mother Nature gives us everything we need: this is why we always use natural active ingredients in our formulations.
In the work well done, almost artisan, wherein cosmetics are carefully prepared by people, not machines.
That cosmetics must be accessible and affordable for the entire population, because everyone is entitled to a healthy skin.
In formulations with the specific needed active ingredients and with a reduced number of additives.
In “sensorial” cosmetics, so people not only enjoy the full effects of the application, but also excellent aromas and textures.
That the pharmacy is the ideal place to get advice on how to take care for our skin the same way we get it to care for our health.
That we all have the right to feel beautiful, and there is nothing better to it that feeling comfortable in your own skin.
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