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Labial Mi Rebotica, plumping lip oil. Voluminizador de labios

A lipstick that rejuvenates and adds volume?

As the years go by, lips become increasingly thinner. And the fact is that, as we get older, the synthesis of collagen, a protein that is responsible for giving volume to the lips, decreases. At Mi Rebotica we have the ideal product to prevent this from happening. It seems like magic, but it is a formula designed with a high concentration of active ingredients that promotes the accumulation of lipids in adipose tissue, filling them and providing volume to the lips.

What can Plumping lip oil do for you?


It increases the production of lipids in adipose tissue, visibly filling wrinkles and skin folds, exerting a powerful lip volumizing effect.

Hydrated and soft lips

Rich in natural oils that hydrate, protect, soften, smooth and repair the skin.


Due to its plant-based alternative to retinol , it exfoliates and softens lips safely and without photosensitization.


Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A provided by argan oil and rosehip.


In addition, you can also find B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin H, vitamin K and vitamin PP, which act against skin aging , regenerate the skin and protect it from external aggressions.

How to apply Plumping lip oil?

You can apply it as many times as you need to keep your lip hydrated, and it will do the rest. Always carry it in your bag and enjoy its vanilla flavor!


My Rebotica is born frompharmaceutical originof its founder, which is why the opinion of industry leaders is decisive when creating a product. Plumping Lip Oil is the natural alternative to achieve rejuvenated and fuller lips, recommended by pharmacists.

See what our customers say!

Nuria B “I am delighted with this lip balm. It provides a lot of softness and shine instantly and does not leave a greasy feeling.”

Beatriz A “Balm capable of calming the dehydration of my lips while also providing volume. “I don’t need my lipstick.”