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Perfumes Mi Rebotica

How to choose the ideal perfume?

Hay personas que se siguen sintiendo identificadas con un mismo aroma con el paso de los años y se mantienen fieles, perfume y personalidad siguen yendo de la mano; frente a otras que tienen varias opciones favoritas y deciden variar según el día o la ocasión. ¡Es cuestión de gustos!

Perfumes suaves para mujer, perfumes frescos y duraderos para mujer, los mejores perfumes para hombre… Nuestra recomendación principal es que te dejes llevar simplemente por la fragancia, por todo aquello que te transmite, sin asociarla a géneros. ¡El mejor perfume será simplemente el que más te guste! ¿Por qué seguir vinculando los perfumes dulces con las mujeres y aquellos más intensos y amaderados con los hombres? ¡Ha llegado el momento de romper las reglas y dejarte guiar por tu propia intuición!

There are people who continue to identify with the same aroma over the years and remain faithful, perfume and personality continue to go hand in hand; compared to others who have several favorite options and decide to vary depending on the day or occasion. It is a matter of taste!

Soft perfumes for women, fresh and long-lasting perfumes for women, the best perfumes for men... Our main recommendation is that you simply let yourself be carried away by the fragrance, by everything it transmits to you, without associating it with genders. He best perfume It will simply be the one you like the most! Why continue linking sweet perfumes with women and more intense and woody ones with men? It's time to break the rules and let yourself be guided by your own intuition!

In addition to choose your perfume Based on your own taste, personality and mood, there are other things you should also take into account. Did you know that the same aroma can be perceived differently depending on the person wearing it? Other aspects come into play here, such as skin type, body odor or diet, and even environmental factors, such as humidity or temperature. And a perfume never smells the same, varying from person to person.

Best perfumes according to skin type

While, in the very oily skin , the perfume tends to be enhanced and gains in intensity, so we recommend softer and lighter fragrances, such as floral ones; in the case of the dry skin , the essence evaporates faster and the skin absorbs it in greater proportion, which makes it necessary to opt for a more intense and long-lasting perfume. The same does not happen with the combination skin , in which the perfume is not altered, since the pH and oil level is more balanced, resulting in the most faithful to the fragrance.

Recommendations for choosing your perfume

After reading the following tips, you will see that there are many mistakes you were making when choosing your favorite fragrance. From the hand of the Perfume Academy , we are going to list different keys so that you can make the right choice. Listen to us!

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that, the day you go to a store to try perfumes, you should not scent yourself before leaving home, so that this previous smell does not interfere with your choice. Once you have selected several of your favorite fragrances, spray an olfactory strip about 20 centimeters away and place it about two centimeters from your nose to smell it, without letting it touch your skin at any time. Try this with your favorite options! When you feel that your olfactory system is saturated and you do not distinguish well between aromas, you can recalibrate your sense of smell smelling coffee beans, and even your own skin, specifically the inside of your elbow.

You are getting closer to the moment of the final decision. If you are already hesitating between a smaller sample, it is time to try on your skin . Maintaining a distance of 20 centimeters, spray now on the inside of your wrists and never rub afterwards, thus avoiding breaking the particles of the essence. Next, smell to appreciate the top notes , the explosion of those that are released faster and that will give you a first impression of the perfume , awakening the olfactory sense.

After a few minutes, smell again to capture the new nuances transmitted to you by those known as heart notes , responsible for marking the character and personality of the fragrance, and which can remain on the skin for hours. Lastly, the Base notes , also present from the initial spray, are those that last the most and give meaning to the final aroma. Inhale, close your eyes and enjoy... Let yourself be carried away by the unique sensations that this essence transmits to you and choose the one that best suits you.

The new sensory experience of Mi Rebotica, in perfume

Aware of the importance of fragrances in the world of cosmetics when it comes to transmit a message , at Mi Rebotica we have been working for some time to give life to that perfume that identifies us as a brand, an inspiring smell capable of bringing together character and personality from a brand synonymous with pampering and care. This is how our first two perfumes were born.

The Sweet Berries & Roses It is a floral, fruity and very delicate fragrance, perfect for an intense, addictive and long-lasting experience. With fruity notes at first and a muguet and jasmine body, the essence gives way to a vanilla and musky base that fixes the aromas and gives this perfume great longevity and character.

On the other hand, the Blue Chypre perfume is softer and lighter, citric and very fresh, the perfect combination of energy and vitality. This fragrance has classic and woody base notes, with an amber accord, which provides a slightly oriental touch. The heart of this perfume with personality is based on a mixture of spices that combine with a modern and fruitier opening. These are the two perfumes that everyone will ask you about!

Tricks for applying perfume

Whatever your final choice, if you opt for one of these two perfumes, it will have been a success! But in addition to choosing that unique essence, it is also important that you pay attention when it comes toapply the scent, to enhance its intensity and duration.

In hot areas, such as the wrists or neck, behind the ears or on the forearms, the aroma acquires greater strength and magnitude, lasting for a longer time. Other people, however, prefer to spray clothing, hair or an accessory directly, as if it were their center of attention. Which option do you prefer?