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Hair loss: causes and treatments

Do you think that all those hairs that you find every day on the brush are indicative of ahair lossabnormal? Hair is a structure in constant movement, and it is common for us to lose between 50 and 150 hairs every day that have already reached the phase in which they stop growing and fall to give way to new hairs, forming part of a healthy hair cycle. So far, so good! The problem withhair lossIt begins when there is a greater loss, as this could indicate that the growth phases have been altered, which could lead to one of the differenttypes of alopecia.

In addition to being a direct consequence of aging and being reflected in finer hair, with less volume, which grows more slowly and breaks more easily (greater hair weakness and hair breakage ); Hair loss may also be related to other causes such as stress, environmental or emotional factors, poor diet, genetic inheritance or hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause. Is it advisable in these cases to use anti-hair loss products ?

Most common types of alopecia

Although in many cases alopecia (popularly known as baldness ) is linked to a genetic component, as we have seen, there are multiple and varied causes that can cause this pathology. Are the anti-hair loss products for men ? Despite affecting a higher percentage than women, it is common in both sexes, and can manifest at any age, so they can also be incorporated into the routine as anti-hair loss products for women .

Differentiating the type of alopecia will be essential to know its origin and try to avoid it with the appropriate treatment. hair loss treatment in women and men.

Androgenetic alopecia

This type of alopecia usually occurs from 50 years old . Around 50% of men and 10% of women suffer from it, and although the origin of this baldness is mainly related to genetic factors ( genetic hair loss ), it can also be a consequence of hormonal changes. Androgenetic alopecia is characterized by the thinning of hair on the top of the head, and in the case of men, also on the upper frontal part, that area that we colloquially know as the receding hairline.

Alopecia areata

Recognized as the second most common type of alopecia, it can be identified by producing a partial hair loss , that is, in the form of patches. However, it is also possible that it spreads to the entire scalp, and even to other parts of the body. Alopecia areata is related to genetics, but it can also be a consequence of suffering from autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease, diabetes or arthritis ( hair loss due to diseases ).

Telogen effluvium

This type of alopecia is characterized by a Acute hair loss in a period that does not exceed six months , being more common in women than in men. It is common for this to occur hair loss during pregnancy . But not only during this period, there is also the hair loss after childbirth . Likewise, other causes that can influence this massive hair loss are stress, scalp infections, chronic diseases, aggressive diets or some types of medication, etc. If the telogen effluvium continues for a period of more than six months, it would be called chronic telogen effluvium and the ideal would be to go to the trichologist to find the best ones. anti-fall products .

How to prevent hair loss

In many cases, this concern can be prevented with a good anti hair loss treatment and thus avoid a greater loss. Starting with a change in habits can be beneficial to show off good hair health. We tell you the best tips and recommendations to combat hair loss. How to stop hair loss?

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential to have healthy and strong hair, reducing the consumption of fats and processed foods, thus obtaining the necessary nutrients to maintain hair health and promote the growth of follicles.

If you search foods to prevent hair loss , it is recommended that you increase the consumption of vitamins, proteins and minerals , such as vitamin B3, responsible for improving blood circulation in the scalp; vitamin E, which helps strengthen hair and restore damage, preventing hair weakness; or iron, necessary for the oxygenation of the scalp and the synthesis of hair melanin.

Likewise, in addition to taking care of your diet, you can reinforce the contribution of nutrients by taking a food supplement for your hair every day, such as Keratin caps , our hair loss pills , which help keep your hair in normal condition, improving its density and strength, while achieving less hair loss due to breakage. This supplement has also been made with ingredients such as brewer's yeast, biotin, selenium and zinc, which strengthen hair and contribute to its growth and improve its appearance and shine.

Don't mistreat your hair, pamper it!

Avoid the use of certain products that weaken and damage the hair, such as dyes, and even some shampoos, which cause greater hair loss. Instead, opt fornatural products for hair loss, like our anti-hair loss shampoo, formulated with specific ingredients to combat this loss, in addition to treating problems of hair weakness and lack of density, stimulating its growth by energizing the scalp.Anti-loss with onionand other more specific active ingredients due to their action and anti-hair loss properties, such as biotin, baicapil and redensyl or kerascalp, with which you will be able to improve the quality of your hair, strengthening the hair fibers and providing shine and thickness to your hair. Thisanti hair loss shampooIt is rich in active ingredients that will prolong hair growth phases and reduce hair loss, making it also the ideal accompaniment for medical treatments such as minoxidil.

Anti-hair loss with biotin? Anti-hair loss with rosemary oil?We've got them! Hehair loss treatmentIt can be completed with the use of our anti-hair loss lotion, which we recommend using at least three times a week at night, then washing your hair the next morning. Like the anti-hair loss shampoo, this anti-hair loss spray has been formulated with specific active ingredients that combat hair loss and stimulate blood irrigation, activating the restoration of hair follicles.

When washing your hair

In addition to washing your hair with products suitable forprevent hair loss, it is advisable to put aside certain habits that can damage your hair health, such as detangling your hair when it is wet. It is best to do it before getting into the shower, since wet hair is weaker and more brittle. We also do not recommend that the water temperature be very high, since hot water can weaken the hair follicle, warm water being more suitable. Likewise, when washing your hair, do not rub the scalp insistently. With your fingertips, perform a gentle massage to stimulate blood circulation.

Now that you know thebest anti-hair loss treatments, what to take to prevent hair loss and some simple habits to improve hair health, it is time to put into practice our recommendations toshow off healthy and strong hair!Anti-loss for oily hair, anti-loss for dry hair oranti-loss for fine hair, are suitable for all hair types.

Of course, remember that, if you experience hair loss that is very prolonged over time, it is advisable to go to the dermatologist/trichologist so that they can analyze your specific case and see the different treatment options.