Why use the best facial tonic water in your routine?

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Toning the skin is one of the essential steps in our facial care routine, but also one of the most forgotten. We are all very clear that cleansing is the basis of any treatment, because only if the skin is clean will the other products we apply afterwards penetrate the skin and be effective. However, we are not so clear about how essential it is to apply the best facial tonic water after cleansing the face. Why is it good to use facial tonic water every day?

Whether with soaps, foams and cleansing gels or micellar water, cleansing the face alters the pH of the skin, which makes it necessary to use a tonic water that restores it, thus preventing this from affecting the skin's barrier function that protects us against the aggression of external agents. At the same time, we complete the task of cleansing by removing dirt and closing the pores.

Up until now, you may have thought that you were giving a lot of importance to your skin care because you have been preoccupied with the preparation and ingredients of your cleansing gel or moisturiser. However, if you haven't paid much attention to using the best tonic waters and the many benefits they can bring you, your skincare ritual has been incomplete and you haven't put it into practice properly. It's time to incorporate it into your daily routine now (and not once, but twice a day) and value it as it deserves!

Benefits of facial tonic water

The application of tonic water is a fundamental step to carry out between the cleansing and moisturising phase, as in addition to eliminating the remains of impurities and make-up that may remain after cleansing the face, restoring the pH of the skin and preparing it for future treatments, as well as closing the pores to show off radiant skin; its daily use increases the blood flow in the area, revitalises the tissues and provides luminosity. What more could you ask for? Oily skin also has a lot to thank it for, as it regulates sebum and eliminates excess oil, while for more sensitive skin, its soothing action reduces irritation and redness. Have you got a better understanding of what facial tonic water is and how it works on your skin?

How to apply the facial tonic water?

Facial tonic water can be applied to the face (and also to the neck and décolleté) in several ways, all of which are equally valid. On the one hand, using muslin or moistened cotton wool to spread the product by gently dabbing it on the skin or using circular movements. Another option is to distribute it directly on the skin with the fingertips (always with clean hands) and pressing moderately with the palms until it is completely absorbed. This is one of the most recommended alternatives for dry skin. You can also apply it in several sprays, as if it were a mist, if you use it in spray format.

How to apply the facial tonic water?

Keep in mind that, whatever method you use to apply the product, you should never rub it into the skin! It is not advisable to use paper tissues for this step either, as they absorb the product more easily and in less time, and also, as they are damp, they fall apart when rubbed against the skin.

Applying the product is a simple and quick process, but perhaps the thing that raises the most questions is the best time to do it. When to use facial tonic water? This step is always done twice a day (morning and evening) after cleansing, and with the face already dry, just before applying the rest of the treatments and products to moisturise the skin. In the case of men, it is recommended after shaving. Don't forget to wait a few minutes, until the tonic water is completely absorbed, before continuing with your skin care ritual, as this will help all the products you apply afterwards to penetrate better.

The best tonic water for your skin type

Now you know how to use it and that it is an essential step? Toning is the first step your skin needs before moisturising. Once you have defined what facial tonic water is and when to apply it, it's time to choose the right one for your skin. Whether it is dry, combination, oily or sensitive, you can find both specific products on the market with particular characteristics for each skin type, as well as others that are suitable for all skin types. You just have to find the facial cosmetic that best suits your needs! Depending on its ingredients, tonic water can have moisturising, soothing, astringent or revitalising properties, to name but a few; various options formulated and designed to solve any skin problem. You'll quickly notice the changes and you'll never forget to use this product in your beauty ritual again!

The best tonic waters for mixed or normal skin are those that refresh and remove impurities from the skin to keep it looking radiant. For drier or sensitive skin, it is advisable to use gentle toneic waters made from natural extracts that prevent the skin from feeling tight and contain active ingredients with a soothing and moisturising action. Oily or acne-prone skin needs a tonic water with sebum-regulating properties that promote deep pore cleansing.

Every skin is different. That's why, before buying and purchasing products without sense, it is essential to know what your skin is like and what specific care it needs. Only in this way will you be able to adapt and respond to its specific needs, which is the greatest secret of beauty and skin health! At Mi Rebotica we know how important and essential this step is to complete the cleansing ritual. This simple gesture helps you to properly prepare the skin so that the rest of the active ingredients that are then applied can penetrate and fulfil their mission. We advise you to take the time to choose yours so that you can take advantage of its regenerating, nourishing and revitalising action. Will you continue to forget to use it every day?

The best tonic water for your skin type


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