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Biotin, selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails. In addition, copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation....

Nutricosmetics for hair treatment

Specialists in the sale of nutritional supplements for hair. Hair loss pills

Food supplements, also known as nutricosmetics, are food products which, when administered as a complement to a healthy diet, provide nutritional or physiological properties that favourably affect the appearance of hair, nails and skin, keeping them in good condition.

The aim of these food supplements is to complement the normal, balanced diet by ingesting them in small quantities. Nutricosmetics are marketed in dosed form and are consumed daily to reinforce the topical treatment of the skin orally, enhancing the effects of the treatment with products that are applied directly to the hair or skin, achieving optimum results in less time. At Mi Rebotica we have a wide range of nutricosmetics that act from the inside, reflecting this action in an improvement in the appearance of the hair and skin.
In the case of hair nutricosmetics, at Mi Rebotica we have a food supplement whose combination of ingredients strengthens the hair fibre, increasing hair density, resistance and reducing breakage, while at the same time improving the fragility of the nails.
If you want to complete your hair treatment with nutricosmetics to strengthen hair, look for a food supplement made with ingredients such as brewer's yeast, which provides the vitamin B complex that strengthens the skin, hair and nails; sulphur amino acids, essential for the formation of collagen and keratin; bamboo tabashir, which improves hair resistance and flexibility; or sabal serrulata, which reduces sebaceous secretion.
It is also important that they contain biotin or vitamin H to promote the growth of rapidly reproducing tissues, such as skin and hair; selenium, which acts as an antioxidant; or zinc, which enhances hair thickening and helps to improve its appearance and increase shine. Other ingredients, such as iron and copper, are necessary for scalp oxygenation and hair melanin synthesis, protecting normal hair pigmentation.

What other ingredients can we look for in an effective hair food supplement? Vitamins D3 and E help to strengthen the hair and maintain its growth, while pantothenic acid promotes hair growth and folic acid improves follicular irrigation.
At Mi Rebotica you will find the best nutricosmetic supplements for hair that improve the appearance of hair, strengthen it and help it grow healthier and shinier. Daily use of these hair nutricosmetic products, together with frequent use of quality cosmetics adapted to the specific needs of your hair, complete an effective hair care routine. It is equally important to follow a balanced, healthy diet, a key factor in providing the body with all the nutrients it needs to prevent hair from becoming fragile, brittle and dull, which causes it to fall out more.
Complete your hair treatment with a supplement that will help you to have a stronger, healthier and denser mane!

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