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Mi Rebotica nourishing hair oil, formulated with Jojoba, Argan, Castor, Olive, Grape Seed and Almond oils; with vitamins E and F for deep...


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The mix of tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in sweet almond oil makes Mi Rebotica Tea Tree Hair Oil the ideal natural...

Hair Oils

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Hair oil is the essential cosmetic that you need to incorporate in your hair care routine to carry out a deep repair of your hair, as it nourishes and moisturises intensely from its first application, repairing split ends and giving back to your hair all the softness and shine lost, going from showing off a beautiful hair to a great hair. Hair oil is the hair's best ally to put an end to frizz and to deeply repair the hair by impregnating the hair strand by strand. Get rid of all the damage!

Hair is constantly exposed to the negative effects of external agents, such as solar radiation, cold, the use of hair dryers and straighteners or pollution, which damage and weaken the hair, making it increasingly necessary to use a product that repairs each strand in depth. Far from believing that hair oils make hair greasy because of their density and texture, what these cosmetics do is moisturise hair to leave it soft and shiny.

A good way to thoroughly repair your hair is to apply a nourishing hair oil. One of the best known for its multiple properties is argan oil for hair. At Mi Rebotica we opt for the one obtained from first cold pressing, a 100% pure and unrefined product, which guarantees its maximum quality.

With the daily application of an oil of these characteristics you will protect your hair against external environmental agents, moisturising and repairing your hair. This cosmetic deeply nourishes, especially very dry hair, using only two or three drops of the product. You will also be helping to prevent and repair split ends. Don't forget that this will give your hair all the nutrients it needs to leave it soft and shiny.

If you have damaged hair, it is also advisable that your hair oil contains sweet almond oil among its ingredients, and that it is enriched with vitamin E, with antioxidant action to protect your hair against daily aggressions. Other beneficial oils for hair are jojoba oil, castor oil or grapeseed oil.

These hair oils can be used daily, applied dry on the ends only. Simply warm three or four drops between your hands and dab onto the ends of your hair. Alternatively, use this product for deep hair repair once a week. For this type of treatment, it is recommended to impregnate each strand with a couple of drops, paying special attention to the most damaged areas, and leave it on for half an hour. Once this time has elapsed, the hair should be washed normally.

Tea tree oil for hair also stands out among hair oils, which, on oily or dry hair and on sensitive scalps or scalps with dandruff, works by regulating the sebaceous glands and soothing irritation. In combination with lavender and sweet almond oil, it is an ideal natural preventative.

Incorporate the hair oil into your hair care routine and transform dull, lifeless hair into shiny, soft and strong hair.

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