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Nourishing Hair Masks

Specialists in the sale of moisturising hair masks

Hair masks are the best option for repairing hair and restoring its natural look and freshness. Hair masks have become an essential part of the hair routine, along with the daily use of frequent use shampoo and detangling conditioner, which we recommend using after every wash. In the case of hair masks, it is advisable to use them once or twice a week to keep the hair hydrated, soft and protected from all external agents that can damage it. The sun, low temperatures or heat tools, such as hair dryers or hair straighteners, are some of the factors that can contribute to weaken the hair.
At Mi Rebotica we have hair masks that help us to have soft and beautiful hair, and that adjust to the different hair types and needs, from greasy hair to dry or damaged hair due to hair colouring, among other factors.
The most important thing when choosing a hair mask is to choose a hair product that responds to the needs of your hair and provides a touch of freshness, nourishes and eliminates frizz, restoring hair to its natural strength and shine. In addition, a good moisturising hair mask should act as a repairing treatment, strengthening the hair from the inside and restoring split ends.
At Mi Rebotica you can find the natural hair mask that best suits your needs. On the one hand, we have an alternative for oily and normal hair with oily and normal ends, whose product includes in its formulation ingredients such as onion extract, panthenol and shea butter, active ingredients that repair the hair fibre, strengthen and stimulate hair growth. On the other hand, we also have an ultra-nourishing and repairing mask that is highly recommended for dry, curly, dyed, damaged hair after sun or as a result of aggressive treatments, and suitable for the curly method. It is also made with onion extract and panthenol, but also includes vitamin F, a powerful hair conditioner that nourishes, strengthens and reduces breakage, as well as Jojoba esters, which reduce discolouration caused by frequent washing in coloured hair and provide an anti-frizz finish.
Hair masks are used once or twice a week. After washing your hair in the usual way, apply the chosen hair mask to damp hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. In the case of the nourishing mask, to repair oily and normal hair, it is advisable to leave it on for three to five minutes. In the case of dry, damaged hair that needs a curly hair mask, the ideal is to use the ultra-nourishing and repairing mask. After applying from the middle to the ends using downward strokes so that it penetrates well, you should wait 5 to 10 minutes to let it act, recover the hair and thus strengthen it. After this time, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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