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Solid conditioner formulated with onion extract and cherry scent. Onion extract stimulates hair growth, helps strengthen hair and, thanks to its...

Best Hair Conditioners

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The hair conditioner is the ideal cosmetic to apply in the hair routine after the use of shampoo for frequent use, standing out for its detangling properties. It is a product that makes brushing your hair easier and leaves it free of knots and tangles. The hair conditioner also provides nutrients that protect the hair and give shine and softness to the hair, achieving a complete hair care.

Hair conditioners soften, moisturise, protect and give volume and movement to the hair. At Mi Rebotica you can find hair conditioners that are suitable for all hair types and protect your hair from external agents that contribute to weaken it on a daily basis.

Our conditioners moisturise and care for the hair fibre, as well as stimulating hair growth thanks to their formulation based on onion extract. Due to its nourishing and detangling properties, the conditioner is the ideal product to treat dry, curly, coloured, damaged or tangle-prone hair.

In addition, in our commitment to caring for the environment, we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste generated and the carbon footprint by including hair conditioner in solid format in our catalogue of references.

The best hair conditioners make hair look soft, silky and shiny after use, facilitating the repair, hydration and care of the hair fibre. These silicone- and sulphate-free conditioners are also paraben-free and are suitable for the curly method. Unlike the mask, which deeply moisturises and nourishes, the conditioner is designed to detangle and prevent hair breakage, as well as closing the cuticle, thus helping to prevent the hair from losing shine and looking dull and lifeless.

Benefits of hair conditioners

These vegan hair conditioners combat frizz and dryness by working to penetrate into the deepest layers, nourishing and protecting the follicles. These cosmetics are the ideal complement to the shampoos in our onion extract range, promoting hair growth and strengthening hair to restore its natural look. These frequently used hair products are the best alternative to combine with shampoo after every wash for a silky feel and tangle-free hair.

The benefits of Mi Rebotica's hair conditioners include their delicious scent and the protection they offer against damage caused by external agents. These hair care products, with softening and detangling properties, also provide hydration and life to the hair, restoring its natural shine.

How to use hair conditioner

Need a tip on how to apply your conditioner correctly? Don't overdo it with the amount of product you use - the size of a walnut may be enough. On damp hair, you can distribute it with a gentle massage from means to ends, it is best not to spread it on the roots and leave a minimum distance of approximately two centimetres. After leaving it on for a few minutes, rinse your hair with plenty of lukewarm water.

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