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Solid shampoos for the hair

Specialists in the sale of solid shampoos

Mi Rebotica's solid shampoos are light, long-lasting and ideal for travelling, since, thanks to their practical format, they are a simple and convenient option to take everywhere. These shampoo tablets are very easy to carry as they can be stored in a solid container, an aluminium container with a screw cap designed to keep these solid cosmetics in perfect condition.

Characterised by a high concentration of active ingredients in its formulation, the solid shampoo has a longer shelf life than the traditional format, as each tablet is equivalent to one litre of liquid shampoo, although the number of washes will depend on the length and thickness of each hair.

Practical and long-lasting, these solid shampoos are a more economical alternative in the long term and are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. With zero-plastic packaging, they allow us to considerably reduce the amount of waste generated. In addition, their formulations are full of natural ingredients ideal for hair care that help repair and strengthen hair, keeping it soft, healthy and shiny. At Mi Rebotica we have a complete range of solid shampoos, both for specific hair treatments and for frequent use.

On the one hand, we have a line of solid shampoos with onion extract, the star component of our hair products, which helps to strengthen hair, stimulate its growth and protect it from oxidative processes. Choose the solid shampoo without sultates, silicones or parabens that best suits your hair, whether you have an oily and normal scalp and need it to contain sebum-regulating active ingredients that reduce excess sebum and purify the hair, or for drier, damaged or curly hair that requires greater repair, hydration and care of the hair fibre. This last hair cosmetic is perfect as a solid shampoo suitable for the curly method.

Mi Rebotica also offers treatment shampoos which, due to their high concentration of active ingredients, we do not recommend using more than three days a week. In cases where you want to wash your hair more often, they can be combined with conventional shampoo for frequent use, such as our shampoos with onion extract and cherry scent. More specific solid shampoos include those containing nettle extract and pure essential oils of rosemary, laurel, clove and cinnamon, which help to revitalise the hair follicle in depth. On the other hand, you will also find solid shampoos for oily hair with active ingredients that regulate sebum production on the scalp thanks to the balancing and astringent properties of pure essential oils of rosemary, lavender, juniper, lemon and lime.

Finally, our range includes dandruff and itching treatment shampoo tablets formulated with nettle extract and pure essential oils of rosemary and tea tree, which help to rebalance the hair follicle. Thanks to their peppermint pipette content, they also help relieve itching caused by flaking, providing a pleasant cooling sensation on the scalp.

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