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Mi Rebotica's anti-hair loss shampoo has been formulated with onion extract and active ingredients such as biotin, Baicapil® and Redensyl®,...


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Mi Rebotica anti-dandruff shampoo formulated with onion extract and indicated for dandruff and itching problems. It contains piroctone olamine,...


(4 rating(s))
Mi Rebotica's soothing shampoo, suitable for sensitive scalps, has been formulated with onion extract. Its Mexican agastache and Rhamnosoft®...


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Shampooing extra doux pour les cheveux secs, frisés, colorés et abîmés. Base nettoyante ultra douce formulée sans sulfates et enrichie en extrait...


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Solid shampoo formulated with onion extract and cherry scent. Onion extract stimulates hair growth, helps strengthen hair and, thanks to its...


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Extra soft shampoo for dry, curly, colored and damaged hair. Ultra mild washing base formulated sulphate-free and containing onion extract. The...


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Cleansing and hair treatment routine to improve hair strength, shine, softness and stimulate hair growth.

Onion shampoos

Specialists in the sale of shampoos with onion extract

Mi Rebotica's cherry-scented onion shampoos are formulated with onion extract, a popular ingredient in hair cosmetics that has multiple properties, including its ability to strengthen and stimulate hair growth, improve microcirculation and promote the strength and volume of hair follicles, while protecting hair colouring. Did you know all the benefits and properties of onion extract?

What is onion shampoo for?

Onion shampoos act as a blood circulation stimulant and activate the hair follicles so that they are able to receive more nutrients. Due to the phenolic and sulphur compounds contained in this ingredient, it is also characterised by its antimicrobial and purifying activity, improving the condition of the scalp; it also has an anti-inflammatory and soothing action; and, lastly, it is anti-ageing and antioxidant, providing protection against oxidative processes.

It is not only our skin that suffers the consequences of the passage of time, the condition of our hair also reflects it.  In this sense, it is advisable to use a hair shampoo in your regular hair washing routine that helps to slow down the appearance of grey hair, provide photoprotection against discolouration and the ageing that hair can suffer as a result of exposure to solar radiation, among other external factors.

For all these reasons, onion extract has been incorporated into the world of cosmetics as a star ingredient in shampoos, as is the case with Mi Rebotica's onion shampoo range, whose products provide multiple benefits related to hair health. Onion shampoo has become a real best seller in hair care thanks to its ability to make hair grow faster, but also stronger, healthier, with more volume and shine. We have a complete range of shampoos with onion extract available for all hair types and to meet your specific needs.

At Mi Rebotica we offer you lines suitable for greasy, normal, dry hair and hair treated with keratin or tannins. Onion extract, as well as being an ingredient included in the formula of our shampoos for frequent or daily use with onion extract, is also found in the conditioners and masks in our range, for complete hair care. This star ingredient will bring vitality, strength and shine to your hair.

Properties of shampoo with onion extract

- Stimulates hair growth.

- Antimicrobial, purifying.

- Anti-inflammatory, soothing.

- Antioxidant, anti-ageing.

- Photoprotection, protection of hair colouring.

Shampoos with onion extract strengthen hair and help keep your mane shinier and fuller, boosting hair growth and nourishing the hair from the inside. Discover now the best onion shampoos for a clean and healthy scalp!

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