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Extra soft shampoo for dry, curly, colored and damaged hair. Ultra mild washing base formulated sulphate-free and containing onion extract. The...

Cleansing and treatment shampoos

Specialists in the sale of shampoos with onion extract

At Mi Rebotica we have a wide range of shampoos formulated with specific ingredients to wash and care for your hair, leaving it healthier, stronger and shinier. Among these active ingredients, we highlight onion extract, one of the most famous ingredients in hair cosmetics for its multiple properties and benefits, with our line of shampoos with onion extract and cherry scent standing out.

What is onion shampoo for? Properties of onion extract

Onion shampoos act as a blood circulation stimulant and activate the hair follicles so that they are able to receive more nutrients. In addition, onion extract provides purifying, anti-inflammatory and soothing action; at the same time it is noted for its anti-ageing and antioxidant activity, providing protection against oxidative processes.

For all these reasons, onion extract has been incorporated into the world of cosmetics as a star ingredient in shampoos, as is the case with Mi Rebotica's onion shampoo range, whose products provide multiple benefits related to hair health. Onion shampoo has become a real best seller in hair care thanks to its ability to make hair grow faster, but also stronger, healthier, with more volume and shine. We have a complete line of shampoos with onion extract available for all hair types, both in traditional and solid form, to meet the most specific needs.

Treatment shampoos

Within our range of onion extract shampoos, we have incorporated hair treatment shampoos, formulated with specific ingredients to address different hair concerns, such as combating hair loss or improving hair density, treating or preventing dandruff and itchiness, or addressing scalp sensitivity that is tight, irritated or reddened.

How to apply Mi Rebotica treatment shampoos

How to use them is very simple and similar to the application of any conventional shampoo, as they are formulated for frequent use. Mi Rebotica hair treatment shampoos are applied to wet hair, massaging the scalp in circles for 2 or 3 minutes with the fingertips, until a light lather appears. After washing, it is important to rinse the hair thoroughly with plenty of water. We recommend completing the specific hair care routine with treatment hair lotions related to the specific concern, in cases of hair loss and dandruff treatment.

Solid shampoos

Mi Rebotica's solid shampoos are light, long-lasting and ideal for travelling, as their practical format makes them a simple and convenient option to take with you wherever you go. The rounded shampoo tablets are very easy to transport as they can be stored in a solid shampoo container, an aluminium container with a screw cap designed to keep these solid cosmetics in perfect condition.

In addition to the solid format of our famous onion extract shampoos, you will also find hair treatment shampoos in tablet form that have a high concentration of active ingredients, so they can only be used for a maximum of three days a week.

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