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Moisturizing fluid suitable for mixed and oily skins. Light, non-comedogenic formula. With sebum-regulating essential oils, witch hazel water and...


Oily or acne-prone skin needs special attention and care to regulate sebum secretion, refine the size of enlarged pores, combat the appearance of pimples and acne and prevent uncomfortable shine, requiring specific treatment to deeply cleanse and balance the skin's microbiota to mattify the face without drying it out. In addition, and contrary to what we tend to believe, oily skin also needs moisturising, that extra contribution that prevents the skin from becoming more oily due to dehydration, and it is necessary to choose the ingredients that form part of its formulation very carefully, to prevent the moisturising facial cream from generating more sebum, clogging pores and causing the dreaded shine to appear. The best solution to achieve this is to opt for a good face moisturiser.

Moisturising fluids for oily and combination skin should have an ultra-light texture that is quickly absorbed and, thanks to its ingredients, provides a mattifying effect. To this end, it should contain non-comedogenic regulating essential oils, such as cypress essential oil, which regulates sebaceous secretion, or grapefruit essential oil; not forgetting tea tree oil, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, bactericide, dermatological repairer and healing agent, among other properties.

When it comes to finding the right facial moisturiser for oily skin, also choose a formula that has been made with witch hazel water, which has balancing qualities that help normalise sebaceous secretion, helping to tighten the skin's pores; and also aloe vera, a powerful cell regenerator with a high cleansing power that also penetrates easily into the layers of the skin, nourishing, moisturising the tissues and providing an anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

How and when to apply the moisturising fluid?

The moisturising fluid should be applied as part of your daily routine, every morning and evening on clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye contour area. This fluid can replace moisturisers in the case of oily and combination skin and is always used after using the purifying serum, which is highly effective in regulating sebum production and refining enlarged pores.

How to differentiate between oily and combination skin?

Characteristics of oily skin

Oily skin has a higher amount of sebum, visible pores, a shiny appearance and acne, which results in uneven facial skin tone.

- Coarse texture.
- Enlarged, clearly visible pores.
- Oily appearance.
- Reddish discolouration in some areas.
- Shininess.
- Skin thickened and pale, blood vessels may not be visible.
- Prone to comedones and various forms of acne.

Characteristics of combination skin

Combination skin is characterised by excess oiliness mainly in the T-zone, i.e. on the forehead, nose and chin, while the cheeks are more dehydrated or appear normal. These different needs can make care more complex.

- Oily T-zone (forehead, chin and nose).
- Enlarged pores in this area.
- Blackheads.
- Normal to dry cheeks.

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