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Mi Rebotica's anti-hair loss lotion has been formulated with onion extract and active ingredients such as biotin and Redensyl®, specific for...


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Mi Rebotica's anti-dandruff lotion has been formulated with purifying, antiseptic and anti-seborrhoeic active ingredients, such as piroctone...

Hair care lotions

Specialists in the sale of hair lotions

Hair lotions are hair products with a liquid, non-oily texture that help to treat a wide range of hair concerns, such as hair loss, the appearance and prevention of dandruff or problems caused by scalp irritation. In this sense, these products have been formulated with specific active ingredients that improve the appearance of the hair while caring for hair health. This is the key to healthy, beautiful and strong hair. A healthy scalp is the basis for healthy hair.

Taking care of the health of your hair is essential to show off a great mane and to get rid of all the hassles. To do this, hair lotions are the perfect complement to hair treatment shampoos, a complete routine with which to give an effective response to the most common hair problems, which can lead to a deterioration in the appearance of the hair and cause a lot of discomfort or insecurity in people who suffer from them.

At Mi Rebotica we want to help you restore your hair to its full strength and vitality and maintain its natural look, by offering you a range of hair lotions formulated with ingredients specially selected for their properties and their ability to provide an effective solution to the hair problem in question.

How to apply a hair lotion?

Although each laboratory must explain how to use its hair lotion, as well as the frequency of use, in the case of our hair treatment lotions, they are applied to the dry scalp during the night care routine, with the help of the product's pipette, and with a gentle circular massage with the fingertips for a few minutes. Then comb your hair as normal. The next day, in the morning, you should wash your hair with the treatment shampoo associated with the lotion. At Mi Rebotica we recommend using the hair lotion at least three times a week.

What are the most popular hair lotions?

In addition to regulating the balance of the scalp and strengthening the hair, as mentioned above, hair lotions are formulated with specific active ingredients that help to resolve a specific concern and can respond to a wide range of issues. Although we can find this product on the market with different functions, the truth is that they all have a common objective: to deeply recover and strengthen the hair. Among the most famous hair lotions in demand by men and women, anti-hair loss lotions stand out, a treatment that combats and slows down hair loss, stimulating hair growth and increasing its density. But it is not the only one, and to meet the most varied needs, there are many types of hair lotions that can help you give your hair back its natural appearance and vitality.

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