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Mi Rebotica's anti-hair loss shampoo has been formulated with onion extract and active ingredients such as biotin, Baicapil® and Redensyl®,...


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Mi Rebotica anti-dandruff shampoo formulated with onion extract and indicated for dandruff and itching problems. It contains piroctone olamine,...


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Mi Rebotica's soothing shampoo, suitable for sensitive scalps, has been formulated with onion extract. Its Mexican agastache and Rhamnosoft®...

Shampoos and hair treatments

Specialists in the sale of hair treatment shampoos

Treatment shampoos are products formulated with specific active ingredients that help to solve a specific hair concern, i.e. they are those that generally help to combat an excess or a deficiency. If you are looking for a hair treatment shampoo that responds to the particular problems of your hair and helps you to keep your hair healthy, strong and looking healthy, always taking care of your hair health and well-being, at Mi Rebotica you will find a wide range of shampoos and treatment products for hair and scalp.

Specific care for your hair

We offer you the best shampoos for hair treatment, which also contain one of our most famous and renowned ingredients, onion extract, which helps strengthen hair, protects it from oxidative processes and stimulates its growth, among other benefits. Our shampoos will help you treat the most common hair concerns, thanks to the active ingredients used in their formulation, which have been selected for their performance and properties. Whether you need a specific shampoo to stop hair loss or improve hair density, treat or prevent the appearance of dandruff and itching, or provide a solution to a sensitive scalp that is tight, irritated or reddened, we have the best hair treatment shampoos.

Common hair concerns

No one is spared from suffering or ending up with a hair-related concern that can give you more than one headache. If you identify with any of these cases or situations, pay close attention because we have the best solution for your hair problem. Whether you have dry dandruff or oily dandruff, flaking and itchy scalp; your concern is related to a weakening of your hair, which has lost density and you are facing hair loss; or you suffer from atopy or dermatitis, and your scalp is very sensitive and irritated; our hair treatment shampoos will become your best ally.

How to apply Mi Rebotica treatment shampoos

How to use them is very simple and similar to the application of any conventional shampoo, as they are formulated for frequent use. Mi Rebotica hair treatment shampoos are applied to wet hair, massaging the scalp in circles for 2 or 3 minutes with the fingertips, until a light lather appears. After washing, it is important to rinse the hair thoroughly with plenty of water.

We recommend completing the specific hair care routine with treatment hair lotions related to the specific concern, in cases of hair loss and dandruff treatment.

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