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Mi Rebotica's Stem Cell Serum is ideal for the daily care of all skin types. It helps to regenerate, moisturise and improve the internal structure...


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The eye contour ultra K from Mi Rebotica combines the latest technology in peptides with superior bioactives, Honey locust seeds, Arabian jasmin...


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It revitalises the skin, unifies the tone and stimulates the collagen synthesis, as well as it neutralises the free radicals responsible of the...


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Extra soft shampoo for dry, curly, colored and damaged hair. Ultra mild washing base formulated sulphate-free and containing onion extract. The...

Mini sizes fot hotels

Specialists in amenities for hotels

At Mi Rebotica we have a complete range of hotel amenities with which to welcome guests and make their stay more pleasant and welcoming. Thinking about the care and comfort of visitors, and with the aim of offering added value in this new experience, we offer you the best amenities for hotels with which to take care of health, beauty and wellbeing, making a difference compared to the competition by taking care of every detail to the maximum.

Our hotel amenities will help your accommodation to provide an image of quality and sustainability by offering effective cosmetics and pharmacy products for the use and personal hygiene of your guests. At Mi Rebotica we offer you all kinds of cosmetics for facial, hair and body care, as well as for the aromatisation of spaces, revitalising the body and mind of each guest during their stay.

Our extensive catalogue includes bathroom amenities, also known as toiletries, where you will find mini-sizes of our best sellers in hair care, such as our shampoos, conditioners and masks with onion extract, our most famous ingredient. In addition, we have an extensive range of body care products, from bath gels, toilet soap, intimate hygiene gels, body oils, to creams to moisturise, repair and protect the skin.

Among the hotel amenities you will also find cosmetics from the facial line to offer your guests the best care for their face, responding to each and every one of their needs. From cleansers and make-up removers to cosmetics that help to restore the skin's pH, highlighting our men's range, which has specific products for hair, beard and skin, such as nourishing oils, aftershave, shaving soaps, etc.

At Mi Rebotica we are committed to caring for people and the environment, which is why we formulate our products ourselves with a high percentage of natural active ingredients in their highest concentration. The result is a truly effective cosmetic.

Our hotel amenities can also become a reflection of shared values, in which the care and quality in each of the processes, the taste for tradition without renouncing the avant-garde, the value of things that are made by hand and a deep respect for nature.

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