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Bath gels bring hygiene and freshness to your skin, making shower time one of the best moments of the day. As well as providing a pleasant scent, the shower gel you choose for your daily hygiene routine should also protect your skin. When it comes to choosing the best shower gels, it is important to opt for those that offer not only cleansing, but also good care.

Shower gels are used to remove dirt, germs and impurities that accumulate on the skin on a daily basis, such as sweat. In addition to acting as a cosmetic for body hygiene, these products intensely nourish and care for the skin.

At Mi Rebotica we offer you a wide range of bath gels that adapt to all the needs of the skin and provide a pleasant sensation of well-being. These body cosmetics have been designed to cleanse and moisturise the skin, making it look healthier and stronger. Our shower gels have been formulated with a soft texture and a characteristic aroma, being suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate and sensitive. Thanks to its combination of ingredients, we can offer from hygiene products with more youthful aromas to fragrances with citrus and fruity touches, adapting to the needs of all skin types and tastes, including the specific treatment of shower gel for atopic skin, an alternative that repairs and protects the skin, soothing itching and reducing redness.

Our bath gels for daily cleansing have been formulated to act as dermoprotectors, respecting the skin's flora and also contributing to its hydration and regeneration, providing instant softness and elasticity. With creamy, light textures, they nourish and cleanse the skin without drying or damaging it, keeping it in optimum natural condition. In addition, some of their ingredients include various types of body oils, such as coconut, olive or rosehip oil, which provide numerous benefits to the skin, helping to maintain moisture levels and improving the skin's firmness and suppleness by alleviating lipid deficiency.

To choose the best shower gel for you, beyond the concern for personal hygiene, it is important to take into account your skin type, for example, if it is very sensitive, damaged, irritated or very dry. In this way, their use will also contribute to improving your skin's appearance and health. In the description of each product you can see which skin type it is best suited for. If you are looking for a gel that is respectful of the skin and does not damage the protective barrier of your dermis, we recommend that you choose pH neutral bath gels, with a ph5, the same as the skin.

Mi Rebotica's shower gels are rich in nourishing ingredients, an extra moisturiser to reinforce the skin and keep it strong and firm. Find the ideal shower gel for your skin and enjoy a pleasurable routine!

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