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Daily use repairing cream that deeply moisturizes dry and cracked feet. With avocado oil and urea; softening and moisturizing agents that help...


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Hand cream rich in urea and avocado oil. Thanks to its high urea content, it is deeply nourishing and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Ideal for...


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Hand cream rich in Shea butter, avocado oil and sweet almonds. Avocado oil improves moisturising and softness of the skin on your hands and,...


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Hand cream enriched with urea, salicylic acid and rosehip oil. It moisturises deeply and improves the texture of damaged skin. It also soothes,...

How to moisturise hands and feet

Specialists in the sale of hand creams and foot creams

Hand and foot care is as important as facial care and sometimes we are not aware of it. These areas of the body also require the use of specific creams to repair and moisturise their skin, nourishing them in depth.

For proper foot care you need a daily use repairing foot cream that deeply moisturises dry feet and cracked heels. At Mi Rebotica we have a product especially indicated for hyperkeratotic skin areas, calluses and corns on the feet, an effective protection against dryness, thanks to the combination of softening and moisturising agents that contribute to maintaining the hydric-lipidic balance needed to improve the elasticity and softness of the skin, eliminating roughness of the feet.

Likewise, the skin on the hands is very sensitive and is subject to daily damage caused by continuous exposure to certain external factors, such as the sun, wind or cold, which means that it requires special care. It is necessary to keep them well moisturised so that they look good, do not dry out or crack, and also preserve their softness and smoothness. Hand creams will become your great ally in your hand routine to achieve the protection they need so much. Aware of this concern, at Mi Rebotica we have a complete line of hand creams adapted to the different needs of this skin, which you can apply as many times a day as you consider to prevent them from looking dry or dehydrated.

From hand creams with moisturising properties, ideal for dry and flaky skin, which, thanks to their rich urea and avocado oil content, improve the water retention capacity of the tissues; to repairing hand creams, made with ingredients specifically chosen for their many benefits. In addition to avocado oil, one of the best-absorbed oils, which has a moisturising effect and promotes hydration, we also highlight sweet almond oil, whose emollient and moisturising properties help to strengthen the skin's hydrolipidic film, and shea butter, which is highly effective for its moisturising and emollient action, as well as for its powerful healing capacity.

Hand care should be a priority at any time of the year, as it is one of the main signs of age and the way we take care of ourselves. Protecting them to avoid tightness is essential, especially in the case of the most damaged skin. Hands with cracks and calluses need to complete their routine with our cream rich in urea, salicylic acid and rosehip oil. As well as deeply moisturising, this product soothes and regenerates the skin, repairing and attenuating scars, while improving texture by treating roughness, cracks and thickened areas.

Now that we know how to moisturise hands and feet, it is time to incorporate this care on a daily basis to repair this skin and preserve skin health in the best conditions.

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