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Specific cream for skin with an atopic tendency, irritated and dry. It repairs and protects the skin. Soothes itching and reduces redness....


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The rosehip bath gel is dermoprotective, moisturizing and regenerating due to its rosehip oil content. It provides softness to our skin, giving it...


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Intimate Hygiene Gel for daily use with calming, regenerating and moisturizing properties. Soap-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free. With pH 4.5...


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Smooth, fresh, low-alcohol fragrance. Ideal for refreshing and perfuming the skin of the whole family. 5,10€/100ml


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Almond oil allows to strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film by its emollient and moisturizing properties favoring an optimal hydration and...


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Specific bath gel for skin with an atopic tendency, irritated and dry. It repairs and protects the skin. Soothes itching and reduces redness....

Body cosmetics in travel format

Specialists in the sale of body care products in mini packs.

Mi Rebotica's mini body treatment packs are ideal to take with you on your travels in your toiletry bag, in any small handbag or in your suitcase without taking up too much space in your suitcase, or as an alternative to try the cosmetics from the range of products for atopic skin and other specific skin needs or concerns, such as cellulite, the appearance and treatment of varicose veins and stretch marks, or flaccidity of the body. Thanks to their practical format, their size is perfect to accompany you to all destinations and become your best travel companions. Mini body care packs are the best solution for taking care of yourself during a weekend getaway or on holiday, because you don't have to give up your beauty routine just because you're away from home. Opt for cosmetics in travel format to pamper yourself the way you deserve when you're away from home!

Mi Rebotica's products in travel format are a good option to bring together all the basic body care products in your toiletry bag, but they are also a useful option if you want to try that product you are so eager to add to your bathroom shelf that brings together your essential cosmetics for the hygiene and hydration of your skin, highlighting the care of atopic skin, irritated skin or very dry skin. Thanks to Mi Rebotica's mini sizes you have the opportunity to discover new products for your care ritual and body treatments, and best of all, at a lower price.

At Mi Rebotica we have a wide range of body cosmetics in travel format, the perfect size to keep them in your hand luggage or inside your suitcase without taking up too much space. Gather your essential skin care gels and body creams now and take your essentials for cleansing and protecting your body with you at all times. In the case of atopic skin, we have a range of products for the hygiene and hydration of atopic, irritated and dry skin, body care products in travel format that have been formulated with ingredients chosen to repair the skin barrier and protect it against external aggressions, improving hydration, soothing itching and reducing redness.

Mi Rebotica's mini body packs are perfect to take with you wherever you go or to try out new body care cosmetics. At Mi Rebotica you will find quality products in travel format that respond to all skin types and their most particular needs. The mini body packs are perfect for trying out your favourite cosmetics and including them in your daily skincare routine. Trust in the power of Mi Rebotica's cosmetics to improve the appearance of your skin and its health, with effective, quality products that moisturise, soften and brighten your body. Boost your body's wellbeing on holiday too!

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