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Horsetail contributes to cardiovascular health (4399), has a protective effect on hepatocytes (4316) and is remineralising (3911). Dandelion...


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Food supplement based on plant extracts and chromium picolinate, ideal as an accompaniment to diets and overweight. Gymnema sylvestre extract...


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The combined ingredients of VARIC CAPS improve venous function, preventing circulatory issues. Its anti-redness and anti-inflammatory function...

Nutricosmetics for the body

Specialists in the sale of body care products and food supplements.


Discover the best body nutricosmetics products to take care of the appearance and health of your skin and body from the inside out. Nutricosmetics, also known as food supplements, are food products that complement a healthy diet and provide nutritional or physiological properties that contribute favourably to improving your condition.

Taken in small daily quantities, these body-enhancing food supplements accompany a balanced diet and enhance the effects of treatments with body care cosmetics that are applied directly to the skin. The aim is to reinforce this care and achieve optimum results in the shortest possible time. At Mi Rebotica we have a wide range of body nutricosmetics that provide multiple and visible benefits to the body.

If you are looking for a food supplement that, thanks to the combination of its ingredients, contributes to physical well-being and helps to maintain blood and vascular circulation in normal conditions, thus favouring circulation in tired legs and relieving their discomfort, you need to incorporate a specific nutricosmetic into your routine made from components such as horse chestnut. It is also important to choose a supplement with other ingredients such as centella asiatica, which has a remodelling action on vascular and perivascular connective tissue, improving the tone and elasticity of vein walls and stabilising capillaries. Butcher's broom, to support venous circulation, or red vine, to facilitate circulation and prevent the formation of thrombi, should also be included, as well as borage and rosehip oils, which strengthen and effectively contribute to cardiovascular health.

At Mi Rebotica you will find the best body food supplements that keep the body and skin in optimal condition, improving circulation and contributing to physical well-being. On the other hand, we also have supplements capable of controlling the sensation of hunger and cleansing and purifying from the inside. Body nutricosmetics are the perfect ally to enhance the results of a healthy diet, sports and treatments with quality cosmetics.

As an ideal complement to dieting and overweight support, you need to incorporate a food supplement based on plant extracts and chromium picolinate into your daily routine, which reduces the craving for sugars and carbohydrates, thereby promoting weight control and stimulating the metabolism. What ingredients should your nutricosmetic body treatment for weight loss contain? One of these must-have ingredients is wakame seaweed, which contributes to fat loss by stimulating the production of fat-burning proteins. On the other hand, at Mi Rebotica we are committed to Garcinia Cambogia, with satiating effects that stimulate metabolism and regulate appetite, or Gymnema Sylvestre, which lowers blood sugar, lipid and cholesterol levels while combating the desire to ingest sugar.

Among the nutricosmetics for the body that you will find in Mi Rebotica, we also have alternatives that help to eliminate liquids and toxins from the body. Thanks to its natural plant-based concentrate, such as horsetail extract, nettle dioica, goldenrod and green tea, this supplement provides diuretic and purifying properties.

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