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Creams for atopic skin

Specialists in the sale of treatment products for atopic skin.

Atopic skin in children and adults is an inflammatory skin disease that is mainly characterised by a very dry and extremely rough skin. With little oil and water, this skin becomes irritated and flakes more easily, which makes it necessary to use products and creams for atopic skin to help and combat some of its symptoms, such as intense itching or lesions caused by redness and inflammation.

Atopic skin is a chronic condition that manifests itself through dermatitis and can alternate outbreaks with long periods of improvement, one of its main causes being genetic predisposition.

Cleansing the skin with products specifically formulated to treat atopic, irritated and very dry skin is essential when it comes to repairing and protecting this type of skin. Firstly, you need a bath gel specifically formulated to repair the skin barrier, soothe itching and reduce redness.

Also, to treat atopic skin in both children and adults, it is essential to use a specific dermatitis cream to care for skin with this atopic tendency, as well as more irritated and dry skin. After cleansing your skin, you need to apply an atopic skin cream that repairs and protects the skin, soothing itching and reducing redness. Use it on dry skin after daily hygiene, as often as necessary.

At Mi Rebotica you will find specific products to treat atopic skin formulated with ingredients such as rhamnosoft, hydromanil and agascalm, which protect the skin against aggressions caused by external agents, improving hydration and reducing the negative effects of daily stress on the skin. Other skin-loving ingredients that help to instantly soothe and regenerate the skin include organic calendula, organic aloe vera, rosehip and shea butter. In addition, prebiotics strengthen the skin's natural defences.

How can atopic skin outbreaks be prevented?

Acting quickly and effectively to control outbreaks and limit the progression of the disease is key. In addition to the treatment recommended by the specialist doctor, to improve the appearance of the skin and protect it, it is essential to pay attention to daily care with body cosmetics for atopic skin. You should not rub or dry the skin vigorously and it is beneficial to opt for quick showers with lukewarm water using a bath gel formulated for this type of skin, as it helps to reinforce the skin barrier. Don't forget to then gently pat the skin dry with a cotton towel, taking great care and caution. Once the skin is dry, it is time to apply a cream for atopic skin to repair and improve its suppleness, soothe itching and reduce inflammatory reactions that occur on the skin.

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