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Mi Rebotica's anti-stretch mark gel offers a complete treatment for the care of stretch marks. It contains natural active ingredients that add...


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Mi Rebotica's anti-stretch mark cream prevents the appearance of stretch marks, providing elasticity and firmness, thanks to a high concentration...


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Do you care for the skin on your face with anti-ageing products to delay the onset and treat the signs of ageing? Then why not do the same for...

Stretch mark creams

Specialists in the sale of anti-stretch mark treatment products.

Stretch marks are common skin lesions that appear as linear bands of atrophic or wrinkled skin and are mainly caused after major weight changes, as a result of one's own genetics or can arise during pregnancy. Stretch marks on the arms, stretch marks on the chest... Why else do red stretch marks appear?

Caused by the rupture of the skin fibres, stretch marks also stand out in adolescents, which occur after rapid growth during puberty, among other reasons, becoming visible in areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breasts, sides, and even on the arms.

Is there a solution? Through cosmetics it is possible to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and reduce their appearance. Treating stretch marks to improve their appearance is possible by being consistent with the use of quality products that have been specifically formulated to meet this need.

Types of stretch marks

Caused by the breakage of collagen and elastin fibres, stretch marks start to become visible on the skin, presenting a reddish or purple colour, these are known as striae rubrae. At an early stage, thanks to the correct treatment with anti-stretch mark creams, these marks can gradually fade and become more imperceptible to the eye. However, over time the stretch marks mature and take on a whitish colour, the so-called striae alba, whose appearance is more difficult to improve. Even if these breaks in the skin are already well established, they may not disappear completely, but may gradually improve. Stretch mark creams can help to reduce their size.

At Mi Rebotica we offer stretch mark treatment products and creams that prevent their appearance, which have natural active ingredients that provide elasticity and firmness to the skin, as well as ingredients with moisturising and emollient action, to stimulate the production of collagen and exert a restorative action of the barrier function.

How to remove red stretch marks? One of the ingredients that cannot be missing in your anti-stretch marks cosmetic is Striover, a very powerful component that reduces stretch marks and improves skin texture, acting on white and red stretch marks of any origin. We also recommend opting for a cosmetic that includes centella asiatica oil, an ingredient that helps to improve healing and whose fatty oils act to restore the skin's barrier function by providing moisturising and emollient action.

Rosehip oil is also a component that can be included in anti-stretch mark products, as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A, helping to improve skin firmness, while also helping to reduce stretch marks and skin blemishes.

Another key ingredient to prevent and treat stretch marks is regu-strech, a bioactive complex that protects the structure of the skin against the appearance of new stretch marks, while repairing, stimulating collagen synthesis and reducing skin inflammation.

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