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The firming body serum is formulated with natural tensor extracts. It ones up, restyles and increases the body tissues, specially in breasts, arms...


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Do you care for the skin on your face with anti-ageing products to delay the onset and treat the signs of ageing? Then why not do the same for...

Body flaccidity

Specialists in the sale of body flaccidity treatment products.

To combat flaccidity and achieve a toned and smooth skin, you need to use body firming creams that help you to lift and redefine body tissues. These creams for flaccidity, with a light texture, are spread on clean, dry skin using circular movements and are absorbed very quickly, without leaving a sticky sensation on the body. This body treatment will help you to improve and restore the firmness and elasticity lost in the tissue due to the lack of collagen and elastin, two proteins that provide resistance and smoothness.

To treat flaccidity in the arms, flaccidity in the legs and abdominal flaccidity, to name some of the most prone areas, you need to use quality products that have been formulated with natural tightening extracts, such as kigelia africana, centella asiatica, equisetum, milk thistle, maral root or spiny jujube, chosen for their properties and their high capacity to firm, reshape and lift body tissues.

At Mi Rebotica we have firming cosmetics and creams for flaccidity that act especially on the breast, arms and buttocks, to achieve a firmer and more elastic appearance of the skin.

Among the main causes of flaccidity of the tissues, age is a determining factor. As a result of the passage of time, our collagen and elastin levels tend to decrease, which directly leads to a reduction in the firmness of the skin, which becomes more fragile and delicate. Other factors that intervene and contribute to this aesthetic problem (one of those that most affects men and women, along with cellulite and localised fat) are poor diet or sudden changes in weight, as well as the abuse of sun exposure, which ends up oxidising the tissues, or changes due to hormonal imbalances.

Taking care of your diet, practising sport regularly and incorporating firming creams into your daily routine that adapt to your needs are the three essential pillars for achieving smooth, elastic and toned skin. It's time to say goodbye to body flaccidity!

In addition to all these causes and factors, there are others such as a very sedentary lifestyle, the consumption of certain drugs or genetics, as well as fatigue and stress, which can have a negative influence on our body by slowing down cell renewal, resulting in a greater predisposition to having lax skin.

How to eliminate flaccidity in the thighs

To improve the appearance of the skin and combat flaccidity in the tissues, our recommendation, in addition to controlling your diet and following a daily treatment with quality and effective firming cosmetics, is that you regularly do resistance exercises, sit-ups or squats with weights. Yoga is also a good alternative to combat flaccidity and prevent the loss of elasticity and smoothness of your skin. The important thing is to make an effort to firm the tissues in the areas you are most concerned about.

Buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms... These are the parts of the body most prone to flaccidity, so opt for a good firming cream to eliminate flaccidity and improve the appearance and smoothness of your skin!

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