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Limited edition Gua Sha, handmade and hand painted with floral motifs. It contains three ceramic pieces to perform a facial massage following this...


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Make Up Palette is Mi Rebotica's vegan make-up palette inspired by elements of nature. This set contains two cream lipsticks, four long-lasting...


(36 rating(s))
Mi Rebotica's Stem Cell Serum is ideal for the daily care of all skin types. It helps to regenerate, moisturise and improve the internal structure...


(30 rating(s))
Anti-ageing lip balm that combines plant-based active ingredients capable of firming and plumping lips, increasing lipid accumulation in adipose...


(49 rating(s))
This facial cleansing gel from Mi Rebotica deep-cleanses the skin and removes make up from the face and eyes. Its content in oat-derived ceramides...


(5 rating(s))
The dark spot lightening mask is formulated with clay and depigmenting active ingredients of natural origin to use in located areas with gentle...


(24 rating(s))
Brewer's yeast helps to treat acne (ID 2552). Vitamin A, Biotin and Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin condition. Vitamin C...


(36 rating(s))
Mi Rebotica eye contour contains remineralizing and draining active ingredients to eliminate bags such as ivy extract, anti-age peptides to...


(9 rating(s))
Gua Sha Facial: Kit of 3 handmade ceramic pieces for facial massage. This is a millenary technique of Asian origin that consists of facial...


(57 rating(s))
The eye contour ultra K from Mi Rebotica combines the latest technology in peptides with superior bioactives, Honey locust seeds, Arabian jasmin...


(9 rating(s))
Peel-off mask100% natural, moisturizing and enriched with matcha tea and niacinamde. It cleans the skin reducing the wrinkles and improving...


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Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen for normal skin function; it also contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative...


(51 rating(s))
Mi Rebotica Purifying Serum is an ideal treatment for addressing the main marks and symptoms of acne.  78.33€/100ml


Committed to protecting and caring for the face, at Mi Rebotica we have developed an extensive range of face products for daily use with which to achieve a healthy complexion, full of vitality and free of imperfections.

Facial care is essential to combat the signs of the passage of time, such as dehydration and the first lines of expression and wrinkles; the presence of impurities and acne, the progressive appearance of blemishes or the lack of luminosity in the face. For this, you need the best products for the face that are adapted to all skin types and their specific needs.

Following a daily hygiene and treatment routine, whether you wear make-up or not, it is essential for your beauty care to improve the appearance of your face in the shortest possible time. Perseverance is the key to ensuring that all your efforts are achieved. The face is the most visible part of our body, so you should pay special attention to it so that it looks juicy, fresh and healthy.

To show off flawless skin, you should follow a facial routine that suits your face type and use face care products to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. In addition to facial cleansers and toners, at Mi Rebotica you will find treatment products such as eye contours, serums, moisturisers, facial masks, oils or mists, as well as facial make-up products and handmade accessories for facial massage to help improve lymphatic drainage and collagen formation in the face. We also have nutricosmetic products formulated with specific ingredients that help to complete your facial care and enhance the results of their daily application. You can improve the condition of your skin with nutritional supplements!

By carrying out an effective facial care routine with the best products for the face, you can prevent skin problems such as premature ageing and the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, blemishes, spots and hyperpigmentation or redness, thus addressing the various needs and concerns of the complexion. Whether it is cleansing or treatment cosmetics for the face, such as serums, masks or moisturisers, the important thing is to choose the face care product that best suits you and your skin type, because every face is unique and has its own particularities.

For daily skin care and facial treatments, Mi Rebotica has a wide range of face products specifically formulated to cleanse, moisturise and protect all skin types, while maintaining their natural freshness and radiance. You'll also find our must-haves and best sellers in mini packs so you can try out new formulas or take them with you wherever you go - the mini face packs are the perfect size to keep in your toiletry bag and accompany you on your next trip!

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