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It cleanses the skin in depth, keeping it comfortable, elastic and hydrated, without any perception of dryness or greasiness. It is sensitive to...


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Moisturizing and soothing tonic based on floral and grape waters. With grape, lavender, witch hazel, rose and orange blossom waters. Ideal for pH...


We have designed a limited edition velvet toiletry bag for beauty and adventure enthusiasts. It's the most recommended travel kit for mature skin!...


Mi Rebotica's mini facial packs are perfect to take with you wherever you go or to try out new facial care products. Do you want to check if that cosmetic you are so eager to have on your bathroom shelf is adapted to the specific needs of your skin or would you like to have it in a small format so that you can always carry it in your handbag? Mi Rebotica's mini sizes make it possible, and of course, at a lower price too.

We have a wide range of face cosmetics in travel format, an ideal size to carry in your toiletry bag in your suitcase, daily in your handbag or in your hand luggage if you are taking a flight. Enjoy your essentials in mini pack format and always carry your favourite face care products with you, wherever you go.

At Mi Rebotica, we have a full range of travel-sized products that are perfect for taking up very little space in your luggage and weighing very little. Check out our favourite mini face packs.

What mini face care products can I find at Mi Rebotica?

Aware of the importance of face care in both day and night routines, at Mi Rebotica we have developed an extensive range of mini face care products that you can carry with you at all times. Now you have no excuses for not boasting a perfect complexion!

Starting with the first step in any facial care routine, we have products in travel format for deep cleansing of the face, suitable for all skin types, which also provide hydration and elasticity to the face. To complete the cleansing, you will also find facial tonics, the best option to complement make-up removal and to restore the pH of the skin, providing hydration and calm, leaving the skin fresh and ready to continue with the rest of the treatment products.

Among Mi Rebotica's mini packs we have an eye contour in travel format, a specific product for the care of this delicate skin that helps to eliminate bags, dark circles and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, reducing flaccidity of the eyelids.

Facial treatment should be completed with the application of a serum that adapts to the needs of your skin, such as the presence of acne, blemishes, lack of luminosity or the signs of the passage of time; being necessary to use a good moisturiser, in the case of dry and combination skin, to provide that extra dose that your face demands, putting the finishing touch to the care of your skin.

For the night routine we also have an essential cosmetic for the treatment of mature skin, made from a luxurious blend of essential and natural oils that provide intensive night care for all skin types.

At Mi Rebotica you will find quality products in travel format that respond to all skin types and their particular needs. The mini face packs are perfect for trying out your favourite cosmetics and including them in your daily routine.

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