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Limited edition Gua Sha, handmade and hand painted with floral motifs. It contains three ceramic pieces to perform a facial massage following this...


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Gua Sha Facial: Kit of 3 handmade ceramic pieces for facial massage. This is a millenary technique of Asian origin that consists of facial...


Facial massages for face and neck, as well as relaxing and relieving the tensions accumulated during the day, contribute to an improvement in the appearance of the skin, providing firmness, elasticity and freshness to the skin. A good facial massage stimulates blood circulation, helping to combat flaccidity and slowing down the signs of ageing that diminish the youth and radiance of your face.

In Mi Rebotica you will find the best facial massage stones handmade in our ceramic workshop following the traditional Talavera technique, polychrome on stanniferous cover, which differentiates them from other more common materials in their manufacture, such as rose quartz or jade. Following the millenary Chinese Gua Sha technique, we have made our own interpretation developing these stones for facial massage, a kit of three pieces that base their use on facial scraping as a method to improve the lymphatic drainage of the face and stimulate the production of collagen. The continued and constant use of these facial massage tools favours the reduction of dark circles under the eyes, relaxes, firms, smoothes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. The best anti-wrinkle and firming facial massage!

Gua Sha is a facial massage technique used since ancient times in Asia to improve the appearance and health of facial skin. To do this, we use three ceramic facial massage pieces created on a smooth, uniform and hygienic surface capable of adapting to all skin types. Each of these pieces is used on a different area of the face to perform a face massage, and can also be used on other areas such as the neck.
The benefits of facial massage are multiple, from draining the accumulation of fluids, treating bags and dark circles, to defining the facial oval, among others. Depending on the type of piece used for the face massage, the results will be visible in different areas. To enhance the effects and results of a good face massage, our recommendation is to combine the technique with the application of a face oil that improves the sliding of the ceramic pieces over the face, favouring blood circulation and lymphatic drainage with its movements.

What are the main benefits of facial massage for the face?

By performing a daily facial massage using the Gua Sha technique, you will help to promote blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, combating the signs of the passage of time and achieving a firmer, smoother and brighter appearance of the face, gaining elasticity while toning the skin at the same time. This facial massage also stimulates the production of collagen, preventing, in addition, fluid retention by promoting the elimination of toxins.

This type of face massage is recommended to enhance the results of the facial treatments and cosmetics that you apply daily to your face, while providing an immediate sensation of relaxation as you carry out movements that release tension.

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