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Anti-ageing lip balm that combines plant-based active ingredients capable of firming and plumping lips, increasing lipid accumulation in adipose...


Do you want to have moisturised and juicy lips? Lip balm will become your best ally to protect, nourish and repair this area of the face, say goodbye to dry lips! Lip balm is the ideal cosmetic to use on a daily basis, you can add it as often as necessary to keep your mouth soft and moisturised, making it the perfect complement to prevent damage caused by various external factors. In addition to having one of the thinnest and most sensitive skins on the body, lips are continuously exposed to changes in temperature, both the cold in the winter months and the high summer temperatures, wind and ultraviolet radiation, which can dry them out if they are not cared for properly, causing them to lose elasticity, shine and softness.

Do your lips feel drier and chapped? You need to incorporate a lip balm into your daily routine that moisturises them, protects them from the sun's rays, and revitalises and repairs this delicate area of the body.

If you want to protect your mouth and make it look perfect from morning to night, lip balm is going to become one of the essential products in your handbag or make-up bag, it is going to become the best substitute for your lip gloss. You can apply them before or after lipstick, although we recommend applying them beforehand to make the most of all their benefits.

Furthermore, thanks to their composition, lip balms can also have anti-ageing properties, making them the perfect choice to combat the signs of ageing on your smile. Does the skin around your lips suffer from a high tendency to dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles? You need an anti-ageing lip balm that combines the full power of plant-based active ingredients capable of firming and plumping by increasing lipid accumulation in adipose tissue. In this formula you should also look for 100% natural oils, such as avocado, castor or dog rose oil, as well as vitamin E. At Mi Rebotica we help you find a lip cosmetic with the power to rejuvenate them, providing greater volume, elasticity, softness and hydration.

Benefits of daily use of lip balm

● Repair the appearance of the lips.

● Improve lip hydration.

● Provide nourishment.

● Act as a lip plumper.

● Improve elasticity and softness.

● Protect against ultraviolet radiation.

● Protect against inclement weather.

● Smoothes wrinkles around the lip contour.

● Rejuvenate.

● Provide firmness.

● Complement the use of lipstick.

● Restore the natural look of lips.

Give your lips the care they demand with a product made specifically to repair, nourish and protect this sensitive skin, restoring softness, freshness and natural tone to your mouth. Lip balms have become a must-have product in every daily routine - get the best moisture for your lips and say goodbye to dryness!

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