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Moisturising mist with antioxidant, smoothing and regenerative active ingredients whose properties give facial skin a pleasant feeling of vitality...


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It protect your skin from the screens. Herbal Skin Rescue by Mi Rebotica is a facial tonic specially designed to protect the skin against...


Do you need to instantly refresh, moisturise and soothe your skin, while providing a regenerating, anti-ageing and antioxidant effect? Our...


Facial mists are products that refresh, moisturise, soothe and illuminate the skin of the face, providing a light and pleasant aroma. They are very practical and convenient products for the face that have become an essential part of any beauty routine, and that you can use at any time and in any place. They can also be used as a cosmetic make-up fixative. They can also be used to spray onto the face after applying sunscreen or after cleansing and facial care in your daily routine.

Facial mists are moisturising mists that can be applied to the face and neck as often as desired, giving the skin an intense feeling of vitality, well-being and comfort thanks to their antioxidant, soothing and regenerating active ingredients. Ingredients with antioxidant action give them protective properties against oxidative processes, photo-induced damage and light emitted by screens. Ingredients such as grape water, rose water and withania somnifera extract provide this function, soothing even sensitive skin and restoring vitality to the face.

A good facial mist should moisturise, refresh, prevent skin irritation and facilitate tissue renewal, soothing and reducing redness.

Another option is to opt for the use of facial mists that protect the skin from the damage caused by screens and frequent exposure to blue light, i.e. radiation from electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers, helping to improve the appearance of the skin by restoring lost elasticity and radiance.

If you have dry skin make sure you choose a face mist that acts as a moisturising facial mist and is rich in glycerin and aloe vera, so that it helps to retain water inside the skin and provides moisturising properties. In short, you need it to contain ingredients with a high moisturising power. For sensitive skin, it is also advisable to choose a product made with aloe vera, as it promotes hydration and soothes facial irritation.

Facial mists awaken and revitalise the skin's appearance, comforting and refreshing it, preparing it to look younger and more radiant. It is the perfect complement to toner, serum and moisturiser. Face mists reinforce the results of other treatments applied to a clean, dry face. You can even use the mist after make-up and sunscreen. Depending on the type of facial mist and its ingredients, you will also find products to apply after cleansing and before serum, leaving the skin ready after removing the dirt that accumulates in the pores.

Facial mists provide an immediate effect, instantly refreshing, soothing and brightening the skin. With a simple gesture, you can bring a change and high protection to your face.

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