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At Mi Rebotica we care about body care and we have a wide range of body treatment cosmetics formulated to meet the various needs and concerns of the skin, from body creams, body scrubs, anti-stretch marks gels, firming creams, treatments for atopic skin, for varicose veins, etc., in short, a wide variety of creams for the body. All our body products are made with a large number of natural ingredients and active ingredients specifically chosen to treat each condition. At Mi Rebotica you will find an extensive selection of body care products to improve the appearance of your skin and its health, promoting hydration, softness and luminosity with the daily use of these treatments and body creams.

Body creams for all skin types

The first and most important step to start caring for your skin with body creams is to start by identifying your skin type. Differentiating whether it is sensitive, dry or normal skin is vital in order to choose those body cosmetics that are best suited to its particularities.

In the case of sensitive skin, it is characterised by being more delicate and drier, and can easily become irritated, so it requires more attention. For skin such as atopic skin, it is important to take extreme care and choose specially formulated cosmetics for cleansing and moisturising. In contrast, normal skin, being healthy and more balanced, can use products and body creams made for all skin types without worrying about an adverse reaction.

Dry skin, on the other hand, needs body creams developed with ingredients with moisturising and hydrating properties to help restore the protective barrier and protect against damage from other external agents, as well as to deeply nourish and maintain its softness and elasticity. Mi Rebotica's body creams are also grouped into three main categories depending on their use, being categorised as treatment cosmetics, hygiene products or moisturisers. These body cosmetics are designed to moisturise the skin and keep it healthy, young, free of imperfections, smooth, firm and elastic. Find the best products for daily care and improve the appearance, aroma and health of your skin!

In short, just as a good facial routine is important in order to curb the first signs of ageing, combat acne or improve the appearance of blemishes, it is also important to follow a complete body care routine that helps to treat dryness or sagging, for example, by applying quality cosmetics on a daily basis. From bath gels and oils, which leave the skin clean, moisturised and perfumed, to creams to treat cellulite and fight localised fat... Whatever the product chosen, it is important that the body creams chosen protect the skin against external aggressions and that they have been designed to enhance the well-being and comfort of the body.

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