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The dark spot lightening mask is formulated with clay and depigmenting active ingredients of natural origin to use in located areas with gentle...


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Peel-off mask100% natural, moisturizing and enriched with matcha tea and niacinamde. It cleans the skin reducing the wrinkles and improving...


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Purifying facial mask formulated with white and green clays, bio-sulfur, willow and tea tree extract that cleanses and purifies oily and...


Recovering the natural and luminous appearance of the skin has become a real concern. To eliminate or reduce the appearance of those aesthetic imperfections that appear on the face, there are cosmetics such as facial masks, cosmetics specifically formulated to cleanse, balance and nourish the skin.

In addition, face masks are essential for moments of disconnection and relaxation at home, becoming one of the best allies in beauty and wellbeing. These products provide our skin with a large amount of nutrients and are the best complements to keep the face hydrated, purified, fresh and natural.

The right face mask will give you the weekly boost that every skin needs, so take advantage of its many benefits and make the most of your skin's appearance! To choose the best face mask, you need to consider your skin's needs. Do you need a face mask to treat acne, are you looking for extra hydration or to rejuvenate your appearance? Defining your purpose is key to choosing the most effective cosmetic.

Facial masks according to your skin's needs

At Mi Rebotica we have a wide range of moisturising face masks that meet the most diverse demands and respond to different skin types. Thus, you can find facial masks with depigmenting, antioxidant or purifying action.

Depigmenting masks are anti-spot facial masks that are used exclusively on the localised area of the skin, improving the appearance of the hyperpigmentation that has appeared on that part of the face. For this type of cosmetics to be really effective and efficient, we recommend that they contain ingredients such as clay and other natural depigmenting active ingredients that reduce the synthesis of melanin by acting on the different parts of the melanogenesis process without damaging the skin, also providing a gentle exfoliating, depigmenting, antioxidant and moisturising action. To treat blemishes you need a cosmetic that moisturises and restores the skin's radiance, restoring evenness of tone.

You can also find face masks with a high antioxidant power, which stimulate collagen synthesis, thus preventing premature skin ageing and protecting against oxidative processes and photo-induced damage. Face masks enriched with matcha tea and niacinamide provide moisturising and antioxidant action, making them the ideal cosmetic for cleansing the face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving the skin's elasticity and barrier function.

If your goal is to remove impurities from the face and soothe the skin, purifying facial masks will become your best ally. We recommend those formulated with ingredients such as white and green clays, biosulphur, willow and tea tree extract; components that will make this cosmetic a must for cleansing and purifying oily and acne-prone skin, reducing sebum production and enlarged pores.

Turn your beauty routine into a fun and relaxing ritual of getting to know and care for yourself as you deserve using the best facial masks. It's time to complete your daily treatments and reduce skin imperfections and the signs of ageing!

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