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Mi Rebotica's anti-hair loss lotion has been formulated with onion extract and active ingredients such as biotin and Redensyl®, specific for...


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Capillary serum formulated with natural origin active ingredients which repairs and seals the cuticle, protecting also from the external...


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Mi Rebotica nourishing hair oil, formulated with Jojoba, Argan, Castor, Olive, Grape Seed and Almond oils; with vitamins E and F for deep...


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Biotin, selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails. In addition, copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation....


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Mi Rebotica's anti-dandruff lotion has been formulated with purifying, antiseptic and anti-seborrhoeic active ingredients, such as piroctone...


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Shampooing extra doux pour les cheveux secs, frisés, colorés et abîmés. Base nettoyante ultra douce formulée sans sulfates et enrichie en extrait...


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Nourishing mask formulated with onion extract, panthenol and shea butter, active ingredients that repair the hair fiber, as well as strengthen and...


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The mix of tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in sweet almond oil makes Mi Rebotica Tea Tree Hair Oil the ideal natural...


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Mi Rebotica anti-dandruff shampoo formulated with onion extract and indicated for dandruff and itching problems. It contains piroctone olamine,...


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Mi Rebotica's anti-hair loss shampoo has been formulated with onion extract and active ingredients such as biotin, Baicapil® and Redensyl®,...


(5 rating(s))
Nourishing mask formulated with onion extract, panthenol and shea butter, active ingredients that repair the hair fiber, as well as strengthen and...


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Mi Rebotica's soothing shampoo, suitable for sensitive scalps, has been formulated with onion extract. Its Mexican agastache and Rhamnosoft®...

Hair products and hair creams

Specialists in the sale of hair products

Taking care of your hair with hair products that contain a high concentration of natural active ingredients is essential to be able to show off a soft, repaired and beautiful mane. At Mi Rebotica we have a wide range of hair products for all hair types, such as shampoos, solid shampoos, masks, conditioners, repairing oils and serums, in short, a multitude of hair creams to care for and revitalise hair, making it look healthier and stronger, from the roots to the ends. In addition, you will also find the best in food supplements for hair that strengthen hair and improve its hydration, volume and shine.

Among all these hair cosmetics, products that incorporate onion extract as a star ingredient in their formulation stand out. This component provides multiple properties and benefits by acting as a stimulant of hair growth and contributing to its strengthening. It also protects hair from oxidative processes and ageing, preserving hair colour. It also has purifying and anti-inflammatory activity, exerting a soothing action.  All our hair products are formulated with a high concentration of natural active ingredients and are free of silicones and parabens.

Daily hair care, using quality hair products, is vital to keep your hair healthy, soft, shiny and full of life. The first step to success with your hair routine is to know your hair type to treat your scalp correctly and adapt to the specific needs of your mane. Get the most out of your hair ritual!

To choose the hair products that will benefit you the most, start by identifying whether your roots are oily, dry or normal, so you need a shampoo with astringent properties or a cosmetic that will moisturise your hair and combat brittleness and dullness.

After each wash you can use a hair conditioner to make brushing easier and moisturise your hair, making it soft and shiny. Another ideal complement to the shampoo are hair masks, weekly treatments that we recommend to nourish, repair and protect hair from external aggressions, giving it back its natural look.

Also, for deep hair repair it is advisable to include in your hair routine other hair products that allow you to seal the cuticle and restore split ends, nourishing and moisturising intensely with each application. Using serums and hair oils will help you go from dull hair to great hair.
At Mi Rebotica you will also find products to reinforce your topical hair treatments through nutricosmetics. To enhance the effect of your treatments and hair care, you need to incorporate into your daily routine nutritional supplements that strengthen the hair and improve its density, increasing the hair's resistance and reducing breakage.

How do I identify my hair type?

To choose the best hair care routine, you must first of all differentiate your scalp type. If it's oily, the roots will look dirty and oily, while dry hair looks dull and lifeless, feels coarse and is more susceptible to breakage. Finally, a normal scalp is one that is naturally hydrated, healthy and balanced, presenting shiny hair with volume and movement.

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