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Mi Rebotica Fat Burning Cool Effect Gel with fucus, guarana, ruscus, ivy, menthol, camphor and carnitine has been specially designed to produce an...


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Mi Rebotica Fat Burning Heat Effect Gel with ivy, fucus, guarana, grapefruit, caffeine and carnitine has been specially designed to produce an...


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Mi Rebotica abdomen reducer is an innovative formula developed to fight the fat located in the waist and abdomen. With just one daily application...


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Horsetail contributes to cardiovascular health (4399), has a protective effect on hepatocytes (4316) and is remineralising (3911). Dandelion...


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Massage tool to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation through movement and pressure. Combined with our body treatment gels, it helps to...


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Food supplement based on plant extracts and chromium picolinate, ideal as an accompaniment to diets and overweight. Gymnema sylvestre extract...
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Routine recommended to combat fat accumulation and produce an intense toning, draining and lipolytic effect.
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Routine recommended to combat fat accumulation and produce an intense toning, draining and lipolytic effect. Recommended alternative for people...

Anti-cellulite creams

Specialists in the sale of cellulite creams

We know that accumulated fat, especially in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, has become a major nightmare for women and men all over the world. In response to this aesthetic concern, at Mi Rebotica we have developed a range of products designed to combat localised fat and reduce cellulite and orange peel skin. If you want to burn body fat and look for an effective answer on how to remove cellulite, you need to know that following a healthy and balanced diet, practising physical exercise regularly and starting a daily treatment with quality cosmetics will be essential to achieve your goal.

At Mi Rebotica we offer you the best anti-cellulite creams, which will become your greatest allies and will help you to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin, making it look smoother and firmer. Consistency will be key and decisive when using a good cellulite cream, boosting the results of your daily efforts.

To combat cellulite on the legs and eliminate localised fat in areas such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen, you need body treatment products that suit the needs of your skin and the areas of your body where these dreaded dimples form. At Mi Rebotica we are aware of the concern that men and women feel about improving the appearance of their skin and reducing the accumulated fat that worries them so much. To offer an effective solution to this aesthetic problem, we have developed a complete range of anti-cellulite creams and fat-burning products formulated with specific active ingredients to fulfil their mission.

How to eliminate cellulite

To reduce cellulite and localised fat, first of all, you need a cellulite treatment product that contains a high concentration of active ingredients with a reducing capacity and that produce an intense hyperemic and lipolytic effect. Our bet is an anti-cellulite cream with heat effect that combines ingredients such as fucus, guarana, grapefruit, caffeine and carnitine, which influence the recovery of the contour, making visible the change in the areas most affected by fat deposits and being especially indicated for hard cellulite nodulose.

To achieve a more optimal result, the second step we recommend is to apply an anti-cellulite cream with a cold effect, the perfect complementary treatment to treat soft oedematous cellulite and produce an intense toning, draining and lipolytic effect. At Mi Rebotica we also have an alternative indicated for people with circulatory problems (spider veins, varicose veins...), thyroid and salicylate allergies.

On the other hand, to combat localised fat around the waist and abdomen, we have developed a cosmetic treatment based on glycolic ivy extract, fucus, ginseng and liquorice, among other ingredients, which helps to achieve a noticeable improvement in just a few weeks.

Our recommendation when applying these products is to apply them with circular upward massages until they are completely absorbed. You can also use massagers and tools that provide the necessary pressure to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, helping to slow down the appearance of cellulite and eliminate excess accumulated adipocytes.

Food supplements, or nutricosmetics, are also a good option to boost the effects of topical anti-cellulite creams and promote the elimination of fat.

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