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Mi Rebotica's Stem Cell Serum is ideal for the daily care of all skin types. It helps to regenerate, moisturise and improve the internal structure...


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Mi Rebotica Purifying Serum is an ideal treatment for addressing the main marks and symptoms of acne.  78.33€/100ml


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It revitalises the skin, unifies the tone and stimulates the collagen synthesis, as well as it neutralises the free radicals responsible of the...


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It revitalises the skin, unifies the tone and stimulates the collagen synthesis, as well as it neutralises the free radicals responsible of the...


Mi Rebotica's facial serums are ideal for the care of all skin types. These face serums provide moisturising and antioxidant properties and restore radiance and elasticity to the face.

The facial serum is a moisturising treatment with a very light texture that is characterised by a high concentration of active ingredients and by its rapid penetration and absorption into the deepest layers of the skin. In addition, its effectiveness in combating the signs of ageing is well known. Facial serums can also respond to more specific and diverse needs of the face.

What is a facial serum for?

This facial cosmetic is applied after cleansing and toning the skin, making it the ideal base for adding the cream afterwards, acting as the perfect complement, never as a substitute. With the daily use of this cosmetic you will be able to enhance the effects of your skincare products, notably improving the appearance of your face, neck and décolleté.

How is the facial serum applied?

Facial serum has become an essential part of your daily skincare routine. When using it, we recommend that you use it every morning and evening. Just apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and smooth over clean, dry skin with your fingertips or palms using gentle dabs.

Types of face serums

At Mi Rebotica we have the best face serums formulated with ingredients that allow us to treat different skin needs.

In the case of oily or acne-prone skin, these require an effective treatment to regulate sebum production and refine the size and appearance of enlarged pores, for which we recommend a cosmetic formulated with purifying extracts of willow, barosma betulin and tea tree, ingredients capable of mattifying oily skin and improving its texture for a more radiant and uniform appearance.

If you need to restore your skin's radiance, elasticity and hydration, choose serums rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C and niacinamide, to stimulate collagen synthesis, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving firmness and tone. Its ingredients should also protect the skin from oxidative and harmful processes, neutralising the free radicals responsible for premature ageing.

Within the anti-ageing care, another key ingredient is Vitis vinifera stem cells, which prevent oxidation, increase cell proliferation and protect the skin's DNA and proteins, reducing wrinkles and their depth, to obtain smoother, more nourished and youthful skin.

For those who want to treat the spots that have been appearing on the face, our recommendation is to use anti-spot serums that have natural depigmenting agents in their formulation that prevent the process of melanogenesis without damaging the skin. Another of our favourite components to act against blemishes is revinage, a safe plant-based alternative to retinoids, which lightens the skin by reducing melanin production. It also has anti-ageing action thanks to its antioxidant activity. When choosing a serum to treat blemishes, make sure it is a non-photosensitising and non-photosensitising product.

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