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Mi Reboticas sulfur soap is rich in sulfur, a powerful cleanser with anti-sebum functions. 8,50€/100g


If you are looking for environmentally friendly cosmetics that have as little impact on the planet as possible, solid face soaps are the perfect choice to accompany your daily care ritual. These face washes contain no plastic packaging and are stored in cardboard packaging, reducing the amount of waste generated.

Among their many benefits, solid cosmetics are longer lasting than conventional cosmetics and, thanks to their practical format, solid soaps are a convenient alternative to travel and take with you wherever you go. Just be sure to keep them in a cool, dry place to ensure they are kept in perfect condition.

Solid soaps according to skin type

These solid cosmetics have been developed to remove impurities from the face. Moreover, thanks to their formulation based on specific ingredients, they respond to the most diverse needs and cares, attending to the different types of skin.

For oily or acne-prone skin that requires a powerful cleanser with sebum-regulating and keratolytic functions, the use of a sulphur soap is recommended to help reduce sebaceous production, and is one of the most popular treatments in cases of acne and folliculitis.

Indicated for any type of skin and, in particular, for the driest, most sensitive and mature skins, which require greater regenerating and toning action, we recommend a soap containing rosehip oil, an ingredient rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A, making it an excellent moisturiser, nourisher and regenerator of the skin.

On the one hand, antioxidants act to improve the skin's firmness, keeping it hydrated, while vitamin C stimulates collagen production and combats the main signs of ageing. It also helps to eliminate redness and irritation, improving the appearance of skin blemishes.

We would also like to talk about solid face cleansing soaps with a high argan oil content, which are perfect for nourishing and protecting the skin without drying it out, providing elasticity. These cosmetics are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, making them an ideal alternative for soothing, healing and softening skin with minor irritations.
For very sensitive skin, we recommend the use of a skin cleansing soap rich in neutral vegetable glycerine that does not contain fragrances and is able to balance and maintain moisture levels, softening the skin and protecting it from external agents.

For daily cleansing of dry, irritated or itchy skin, it may be advisable to use a solid face soap rich in shea butter, which has moisturising, nourishing, healing and soothing properties, as well as emollient and lubricating action, making it an excellent skin conditioner. They also need the soap to contain natural oat among its ingredients, which soothes, moisturises and protects against oxidative agents.

How to use solid face wash

● Rinse face with plenty of lukewarm water.
● Moisten the bar of soap.
● Gently rub into the face in a circular motion until the required lather is obtained.
● You can also rub between your hands until the lather forms.
● Rinse with plenty of water.
● To ensure safe storage, store soap in a cool, dry place.

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